Reduce Administrative Burden to Save Money

The overwhelming administrative burden of trying to manually keep track of corporate purchasing is very expensive and eventually impacts virtually everyone in the organization.

Using the SpendMap software system, the administrative effort is eliminated, so that the entire process happens faster and more efficiently.

Industry experts have consistently documented that automating a manual “req-to-check” or “purchase-to-pay” process (i.e. request > approve > purchase > receive > approve invoice > pay supplier) will save between $50 and $100 in administration costs for each and every order.

For a small company that places only 500 orders per year (~2 orders per day), this represents a minimum $25,000 savings per year. For a midsize or large company placing 5,000 orders per year (~20/day), administrative savings can be in the $250,000 to $500,000 range annually.

Information technology has always delivered substantial business benefits, enabling organizations to make dramatic leaps in productivity. E-procurement is no exception.


SpendMap is a great system and we have found that it has cut back on our administration significantly.
– Melanie Ducholke, Supervisor – Field Facilities & Purchasing, Agriculture Financial Services Corp

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SpendMap can help you…

  • Reduce the number of steps required in the purchase-to-pay process 
  • Automate steps so that they happen quickly, without human intervention 
  • Dramatically reduce data entry errors 
  • Provide a self-service environment where employees can easily access data and answer their own questions 
  • Automatically gather data for historical reporting and audit trails  

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