Automate Manual Purchasing Processes with a Purchasing Software System

Are you still using paper, e-mail or spreadsheets to manage your organization’s purchasing processes and control spending?  There is a much better way.

Around half of our customers implemented the SpendMap software system to automate their existing, manual procurement processes.

Although spend control mechanisms were in place, such as requisitions, purchase orders, budgets and invoice approval processes, the paperwork was painfully slow and error-prone and often resulted in attempts to get around the system.


Before SpendMap, my company did everything manually through Excel.
I cannot tell you how happy we are with the program. It has been a wonderful product for us!

– Dawn Gustafson, Purchasing and Facilities Manager, CompuSystems, Inc.

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SpendMap can help you…

  • Eliminate cumbersome, time consuming, inefficient paperwork 
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry 
  • Reduce errors 
  • Accommodate growth in the business through automation rather than adding headcount 
  • Improve spend visibility 
  • Improve consumable inventory control and asset visibility which are virtually impossible in a manual environment

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