Control Spending to Save Money

If you save a dollar, you make a dollar, without even getting a new customer!

That’s why savvy executives everywhere are looking for better ways to control their corporate spending.

Unlike an increase in sales of which only a small percentage is profit, 100 percent of every dollar that you don’t spend goes directly to your bottom line.

The diligent use of Purchase Orders and Requisitions is usually the first line of defense against unwanted spending but when paper-based and other rudimentary systems fall short, many Buyers, Purchasing Managers, CFOs and business owners turn to Purchasing Software (e-procurement software) to gain control of their Purchasing.

SpendMap increases control by stopping unwanted purchasing before it occurs and directing any approved spending to where you want it.


The numbers are in for last year. Because of SpendMap, we were under budget…by approximately $30,000! For the past 5 years, we were over budget every year, by significant amounts. Just wanted to share the great news with you.
– Eric Jeffers, Purchasing, Managed Care Systems (MCS)

Now I see everything. We have eliminated unauthorized spending which translates to immediate, bottom-line cost savings for our company.
– EJ Gilmore, Purchasing Manager, ACI Worldwide


SpendMap can help you…

  • Make the shift From Damage Control to Spend ControlTM      
  • Enforce proper approvals for every order, every dollar, every time     
  • Enforce the use of only authorized suppliers and items throughout all stages of the procurement process 
  • Consistently enforce desired purchasing policies and process compliance 
  • Confirm available funds and update budgets weeks before the invoice hits your General Ledger 
  • Detailed audit trails of historical events can be used to further enhance policies 

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