SpendMap Pro Modules and Options

Delivery Options

SpendMap On-Demand

SpendMap On-Demand is our SaaS version, for customers that prefer to have their Purchasing Systems running in the Cloud.

With no hardware to buy, no software to install and affordable monthly subscriptions, SpendMap On-Demand eliminates the up-front investment typically associated with on-premise/installed e-procurement software.

SpendMap On-Premise

SpendMap On-Premise is for customers that prefer to have their system installed on their own servers.

This 100% browser-based software solution is very easy to deploy and with affordable, one-time perpetual licensing, SpendMap On-Premise provides outstanding long-term value and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Fully Integrated Modules

SpendMap can help you automate and streamline any or all steps of your organization's Purchasing process.
Since the system is modular and easily expandable, you can start with only what you need today and then add to the system as your needs grow.

Professional Services to Help You on Your Journey

Too much on your plate for a do-it-yourself e-procurement project?

We offer a full range of professional services:

Phone and web-based
technical support
Web-based and
on-site training
Custom programming for
your unique needs

With in-house Programmers, Trainers and Technical Support Specialists,
SpendMap is a one-stop-shop for anything you might need during your journey.

We want to see you arrive at your destination so we never
sub-contract our implementation services, ever.

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