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SpendMap in a Nutshell…

At SpendMap, we develop affordable yet remarkably capable software that helps you simplify your company’s Purchasing process and eliminate frustration while saving you time and money.

While each module is optional, SpendMap automates things like Purchase Orders, requisitions and approvals, supplier invoice approval and inventory control. 

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Automate manual purchasing processes

Use the SpendMap software system to get rid of paperwork, spreadsheets and emails. Eliminate errors, save time and improve reporting in all steps of your company's Purchasing process.

Control your corporate spending

We help Buyers, Purchasing Managers, CFOs and CEOs to consistently enforce pre-purchase approvals, improve budget compliance, eliminate unwanted spending, and drive savings to the bottom line.

Enable strategic purchasing initiatives

Use SpendMap to improve visibility into your company's spending, encourage the use of preferred items and suppliers, gain leverage in negotiations and lower the prices that you're paying for the things you need to keep the business running.


Midsize and large organizations

  • For organizations with a number of users, multiple locations or cumbersome Purchase Order processes, SpendMap Pro is a powerful yet cost-effective software solution that can simplify your entire purchasing process and help you better control your company’s spending.
  • This web-based Purchasing System is available as a SaaS solution in the Cloud or as traditional on-premise/installed software.
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Small businesses and small buying groups

  • Totally free Windows/desktop software that automates Purchase Orders and a whole lot more.
  • This isn’t just a trial or a limited version…it’s totally free, like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia. Download your free Purchase Order Software now and start saving today!
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SpendMap News

2021: A Year in Review

It was another tough year for many businesses trying to control their spending and save money in these uncertain times but SpendMap did its part to help. We worked with thousands of organizations around the world to help them evaluate and implement the Free and Paid/Pro Versions of SpendMap to automate and simplify their Purchasing processes and save time and money. Based on feedback from […]

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Version 14.8 is here, with more than 30 new features!

July 2020 – The 2020 version of SpendMap is here, with more than 30 new features and capabilities to help you save time, improve visibility and cut costs in your Purchasing process. Some of the new features include: New Import/Export Utility.  We’ve completely redesigned the Import/Export Utility to make it even faster and easier to get information in and out of SpendMap. Updated Status and […]

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Feature Preview – New Rejected Requisition Work Area

We’ve added a new Work Area in the next release of SpendMap to help you manage your Requisitions that were rejected during the approval process. Unlike previous versions of SpendMap which offered separate utilities/tools to modify, cancel or remove line items from rejected requisitions, with the new Rejected Requisition Work Area you can do everything in one place. .. Getting to your Rejected Requisition Work […]

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With over 25 years of success, SpendMap is the proven path to effective Purchasing automation and spend control

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