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Version 15 is Here!

February 9, 2023 – Version 15 of SpendMap is here, with more than a dozen new features for even better Purchasing Management for your business. Some of the new features include: On-Premise Version now fully supported for Windows 11. Cloud  Version now lives in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, for even better performance, security and reliability. Improved Task List  now includes various “alert” key performance indicators, […]

Free Purchase Order Software in the Cloud

The Free Version of SpendMap is now available as a web-based application in the Cloud (no software to install).  Get your free Cloud Purchase Order Software here. In 2012 we launched the Free-Procurement Project and started offering our Windows/desktop application for free.  10 years and 100,000 downloads later, the free Windows/desktop version is still available if you prefer to install software on our own PC […]

2021: A Year in Review

It was another tough year for many businesses trying to control their spending and save money in these uncertain times but SpendMap did its part to help. We worked with thousands of organizations around the world to help them evaluate and implement the Free and Paid/Pro Versions of SpendMap to automate and simplify their Purchasing processes and save time and money. Based on feedback from […]

Version 14.8 is here, with more than 30 new features!

July 2020 – The 2020 version of SpendMap is here, with more than 30 new features and capabilities to help you save time, improve visibility and cut costs in your Purchasing process. Some of the new features include: New Import/Export Utility.  We’ve completely redesigned the Import/Export Utility to make it even faster and easier to get information in and out of SpendMap. Updated Status and […]

Feature Preview – New Rejected Requisition Work Area

We’ve added a new Work Area in the next release of SpendMap to help you manage your Requisitions that were rejected during the approval process. Unlike previous versions of SpendMap which offered separate utilities/tools to modify, cancel or remove line items from rejected requisitions, with the new Rejected Requisition Work Area you can do everything in one place. .. Getting to your Rejected Requisition Work […]

Feature Preview – New Status and Inquiry Utilities

We’ve completely redesigned the Status and Inquiry utilities in the next release of SpendMap to make it even easier for you to keep track of your Purchase Orders, Requisitions, RFQs and other documents and transactions. The main improvements include… . 1) Browse List of Documents/Transactions Unlike the previous version that showed the status of one document at a time, the new Status Utilities display a […]

Feature Preview – New Import/Export Utility

We’ve completely redesigned the Import/Export Utility in the next release of SpendMap to make it even faster and easier to get information in and out of the system. All 30 imports/exports have been updated, including all Master File imports and exports (e.g. suppliers, items, account codes, etc.) as well as all transaction interfaces (e.g. Purchase Orders, receipts, invoices, etc.). .  Easy as 1, 2, 3! […]

Free vs. Pro Versions of SpendMap

Quite a few people have been asking about the differences between the Free and Pro Versions of SpendMap, so we put together this brief explanation and video for you… In a nutshell, the Free Version of SpendMap is advertised as Free Purchase Order Software and includes the Purchasing (Purchase Order) Module, the Receiving Module and the Email Integration Module, so you can create and send […]

New Video Tutorials

To help you get the most out of the SpendMap Purchasing Software System, we’ve been working hard to bring you new video tutorials that will introduce you to popular areas of the software. We recently published six new or updated video tutorials on things like inventory control, supplier invoice approval, executive dashboards and more. Check out our YouTube Channel for the latest Purchasing Software video […]

New Walkthrough Tutorials

This summer we added new Walkthrough Tutorials to SpendMap to help you learn the system quickly and easily. Unlike the “external” video tutorials, our new Walkthrough Tutorials are built right into SpendMap and take you step-by-step through popular areas of the software, guiding you every step of the way as you work in the system…   You can start the Walkthroughs from the droplist at the top-right […]

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