About Concurrent User Licensing

Concurrent user licenses support unlimited total/named users

With “simultaneous” or “concurrent” user licensing, you only need to buy a license for the number of people who will be using the system at the exact same time, which is typically much less than the total number of “named” users (i.e. total user ID codes).

Concurrent user licensing is often more affordable for systems with lots of users and when users only need to access to the system once in a while.


10:1 Ratio for Casual/Occasional Users

Certain types of SpendMap users only need to access the system from time to time.

These “casual” or “occasional” users will log into the system to do their work, and then they’ll log out a few minutes later, releasing their license for others to use…

  • Requisitoners (i.e. staff that will only be requesting items from time to time),
  • Approvers (i.e. Managers that will only be approving orders),
  • People who just need to run the occasional report,
  • Etc.

That said, your “core” users who will be using the system all day long will likely need their own license…

  • Buyers,
  • Purchasing Managers,
  • Inventory Managers,
  • Etc.

At SpendMap, we usually count on a concurrent user license for each of your “core” users, but for your casual/occasional users, it tends to be a 10:1 ratio. For example, 5 concurrent licenses might support 40 or 50 occasional users since, again, they will only use the system for a few minutes at a time, then they’ll log out.

Usage Examples

Here are a few typical examples of concurrent-user licensing in SpendMap…

Sample SystemNamed UsersTypical Concurrent Users
Small System...
• Purchasing (Purchase Orders)
• E-mail
• 2 Buyers
• 1 Manager (reports only)
2-3 concurrent users
Mid-Size System...
• Purchasing
• Requisitions and Approvals
• Receiving
• E-mail
• 1 Full-Time Purchasing Manager
• 50 Requester/Receiver
• 10 Requisition Approvers
7-10 concurrent users, depending on transaction volume/frequency
Bigger System...
• Purchasing
• Requisitions and Approvals
• Receiving
• Invoice Approval
• Inventory Control
• E-mail
• 5 Full-Time Buyers
• 1 Full-Time Stock Manager
• 1 Full-Time Accounts Payable
• 150 Requester/Receiver
• 50 Requisition Approvers
25 concurrent users

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