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Feature Preview – New Status and Inquiry Utilities

We’ve completely redesigned the Status and Inquiry utilities in the next release of SpendMap to make it even easier for you to keep track of your Purchase Orders, Requisitions, RFQs and other documents and transactions.

The main improvements include…

1) Browse List of Documents/Transactions

Unlike the previous version that showed the status of one document at a time, the new Status Utilities display a browse list of many documents/transactions at once, so you can see a summary of your work at-a-glance.


2) Search Criteria

The search/filter criteria are built into the browse list, allowing you to set the scope once and keep working with that set of documents.

Use the [Add another search criterion] button and the [Remove] button to customize your search.


3) Saved Searches

Your previous search will be saved when you exit back to the Main Menu, so you can return and pick up right where you left off. This is particularly helpful for users who typically look at the same list of documents. For example, you may usually want to see your department’s open orders for the last month.

You can also save custom searches for fast repeat use, using the “Quick/Saved Searches” drop-box…


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