Purchase-to-Pay Software Modules

The Purchase-to-Pay Suite includes five modules that can be used individually or as an integrated solution to automate and simplify your entire Purchasing process.

Other Modules

Purchasing (Purchase Orders) Requisitions and Approvals Receiving Invoice Approval and A/P Interface Request For Quotation (RFQ) and Vendor Portal

Purchasing (Purchase Orders)

The ease of use, extensive functionality and superior support allows us to schedule our Purchase Orders, track the process and analyze our commitments which allows us to set the mark of a superior organization to our vendors.
– Karl Wighaman, Network Manager

The diligent use of Purchase Orders is usually the first line of defense against unwanted spending but when paper-based and other rudimentary systems fall short, many Buyers, Purchasing Managers, CFOs and small business owners turn to SpendMap to gain control of their Purchasing.

SpendMap can automate and simplify many time-consuming Purchase Order management tasks, eliminate paperwork/spreadsheets/emails, save time, reduce errors and increase visibility in your Purchasing Department.



  • Create Purchase Orders with a few clicks of a mouse or automatically build POs from approved Requisitions or RFQs, with no additional data entry.
  • Copy previous Purchase Orders or PO Templates to save time.
  • Send Purchase Orders to your suppliers by email or push orders directly into Amazon, Staples, Grainger or other online stores with PunchOut integration.
  • Customizable PO form with your company logo and optional electronic signatures
  • Change Order management.
  • Item history tracking and reporting.
  • Supplier performance tracking.
  • Budget controls.


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Requisitions and Approvals

Great product!  Love how I am able to keep track of the requisitions that our employees make.  We are finally able to see how much each department spends and how.  SpendMap has made my purchasing a breeze and the employees say that it is as easy as ordering online.  Thank you.
– Maricela Partida, Buyer

SpendMap supports a self-service environment where your staff can easily order the products and services that they need while maintaining full control over who buys what.

Because every dollar that you DON’T spend goes directly to your bottom line.

New Requisitions are instantly delivered to the right approvers/managers based on your business rules (e.g. approval by department, dollar amount, etc.) and they can approve Requisitions right from the body of the email notification (email approvals) or they can log into SpendMap to approve or reject requisitions on their PCs, tablets or phones.

If you’re using paper, Excel or email for your approval process, this fast and easy online system will significantly reduce costs and accelerate your requisition and approval process by days.



  • Easy-to-use Shopping Cart makes it a pleasure for your staff to order the things that they need to keep your business running.
  • Staff can select pre-approved items from your internal Item Catalog or they can PunchOut to leading supplier websites like Staples and Amazon to pick their items.
  • Instantly route new orders to the right managers for online approval based on business rules in the system (automatic workflow).
  • Automatic email notification to Approvers who can approve/reject right from the body of the email (email approvals).
  • Enter and approve Requisitions on any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Flip approved Requisitions into Purchase Orders with no additional data entry or route to the Stock Room to be filled from your internal inventory.
  • Requisitions update budgets immediately, before orders are placed with suppliers, rather than weeks later when the invoice shows up.


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When your suppliers deliver products and services, you can record receipts in SpendMap to keep an eye on late orders, track item history, and report on the status of your Purchase Orders.

If you’re using SpendMap’s optional Inventory Control modules, entering receipts/packing slips in SpendMap will increase stock levels automatically.

And if you approve your suppliers’ invoices using SpendMap, Receiving will also create an “accrual” to match the supplier’s invoice to for payment approval.

Receivers no longer have to send paper Packing Slips or email information around your company manually because the folks in Purchasing, Accounts Payable and other departments can access receipt information in SpendMap to do their work.

The Receiving Module eliminates bottlenecks and lost documents while reducing the administrative burden of paper files.



  • Record receipts using any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Supports both central and end-user receiving.
  • Unlimited receipts per PO.
  • Receipt history and late PO reporting.
  • Export receipt data to other systems if needed.
  • Integrated Barcode Module simplifies receipt transactions.


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Invoice Approval and A/P Interface

We have integrated SpendMap with our accounting system, painlessly and with complete success. The man-hours saved in Accounting just by avoiding duplication will pay for the software within about a year.
– John S. Barlow, Global Manager – Technical Services

In far too many organizations, the invoice approval process and reconciliation within the Accounts Payable department is the most laborious, time-consuming and error-prone step of the procurement cycle.

SpendMap complements your current Accounting or ERP system by replacing a cumbersome, paper-based invoice approval process with an efficient online system.

You can quickly and easily approve your suppliers’ invoices for payment, both Purchase Order related invoices as well as non-PO invoices. Once approved, invoices can be exported to your Accounts Payable system using the built-in A/P Interface.

With SpendMap’s invoice approval module, you will immediately increase control over payments, reduce data entry and document management costs and accelerate the invoice approval process by days.

Because every dollar that you DON’T spend goes directly to your bottom line.



  • Two and three-way invoice matching for easy approval of PO-related invoices.
  • Support for non-PO invoices (e.g. rent, utilities, etc.).
  • Export approved invoices to your Accounts Payable system using built-in AP Interface.
  • Add freight and other charges at invoice approval stage, without having to modify the PO.
  • Route invoice discrepancies for additional approvals, if necessary.
  • Attach scanned invoices.
  • Split-charge invoices to multiple account codes.
  • Detailed reporting, including Accrual and Invoice Aging reports.


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Request For Quotation (RFQ) and Vendor Portal

The Request for Quotation Module makes it easy to get up-to-date pricing and encourages competition between your suppliers so that you get the best possible deal.

Because every dollar that you DON’T spend goes directly to your bottom line.

It’s fast and easy to create new RFQs in SpendMap and once you receive the bids and pick a supplier, you can convert/flip the RFQ into one or more Purchase Orders, with no duplicate data entry.

There’s even a handy Vendor Portal where your suppliers can respond to your RFQs and enter their pricing for you online.



  • Automatically build RFQs from approved Requisitions, with no duplicate data entry.
  • Copy previous RFQs.
  • Unlimited items and suppliers per RFQ.
  • Print or email RFQs to your suppliers or post new RFQs to SpendMap’s web-based Vendor Portal where suppliers can review their RFQs and submit their pricing online.
  • Award entire RFQ to a single supplier or split RFQs between multiple suppliers.
  • Automatically build Purchase Orders or Requisitions from awarded RFQs with no duplicate data entry.


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