Replace Old Purchasing System

About one-third of our customers made the switch to SpendMap because their previous purchasing systems lacked the functionality and performance that the business needed, resulting in frustrating manual workarounds, a low level of user adoption or the inability to properly control the organization’s spending.

Aside from direct competitors (i.e. other e-procurement systems), many of our customers also replaced “patchwork” systems of spreadsheets, e-mail or electronic forms with SpendMap, to eliminate steps, reduce errors and better control their spending.


Some reasons why our customers upgraded to SpendMap…

  • Better functionality and performance 
  • Updated technology (eg. web-based, e-mail connectivity, barcoding, etc.) 
  • Less manual processing 
  • Improved reporting 
  • Easier integration with other systems 
  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • Better customer support

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