Requisitions and Approvals – Pro Version

Request and Approve like a Pro!

Upgrade to the Professional Version to take your Requisitioning and Approval process to the next level…

  • All Requisition types, including Item Requisitions, Purchase Requisitions, Expense Requisitions and more.
  • Super-simple Employee Storefront with easy-to-use web-based Shopping Cart.
  • Automatic approval routing based on business rules/workflow.
  • Mobile web app for Requisition entry, approvals, end-user receiving and more.
  • Email Approvals.
  • All for just $100/mo. in the SaaS/Cloud version of SpendMap, or a one-time fee of $1,500 to upgrade your On-Premise/installed version.

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    All the Details

    Here’s a bit more about what goes into the Simple and Professional Versions of the Requisitions and Approvals Module…

    Simple Version

      • Purchase Requisitions (requires desktop or laptop computer)
      • Manual/ad-hoc approval routing (i.e. approvers selected by user when entering new requisitions)

    Professional Version

      • All requisition types, including…
        • Purchase Requisitions
        • Item Requisitions
        • Expense Reimbursement Requisitions
        • Change Order Requests
        • Non-PO Invoice Requests
        • Invoice Discrepancy Requests
      • Manual/ad-hoc approval routing or automatic approval routing (i.e. approvers assigned to new requisitions automatically based on business rules, such as the dollar value, department, item category, etc.)
      • E-Series Employee Storefront and Mobile Web App with easy-to-use Shopping Cart style Requisitions lets your staff enter Item Requisitions, approve orders, and receive POs, on any type of device.
      • Email Approvals – approve/reject requisitions right from the body of the email notification that you receive from SpendMap, without having to log into the system.



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