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When it comes to justifying an investment in business automation software, for many people it’s about finally being able to make it home in time for dinner once in a while.  If you’re looking for software for your own use, the investment may be justified simply by getting rid of paperwork, spreadsheets, and emails, so that you can get your work done faster and have more time in your day for more important things, both in and out of the office.

For others, like the CEO, CFO, or a small business owner, it’s often more about following the hard cost saving to the bottom line.  These leaders often need to see how the efficiency/time-savings, better spend controls and improved visibility that SpendMap provides will improve profitability.  How much time is being wasted managing the existing manual/inefficient Purchasing process?  How will the system stop unwanted spending?  How will it improve budget compliance?  Will the reports provide information to help negotiate better pricing with suppliers?

Either way, whether the decision is being made at the Department level or in the Executive Suite, business automation software provides amazing Return on Investment, so you should have no trouble cost-justifying your new Purchasing system.

Reduce the administrative burden to save time and money

By far the fastest and least expensive way to run any business process is using software.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Purchasing, Accounting, Inventory Control, Project Management, Sales or anything else.  Doing this sort of thing manually (be that paperwork, email, spreadsheets or whatever) just takes way too much time and effort and, as you know, time is money.

Control your corporate spending to save money

And those time and cost savings don’t even take into account the improved spend control that SpendMap provides; You’ll save even more by eliminating unnecessary spending, improving budget compliance, eliminating invoice errors, and so on.  Remember, every dollar that you DON’T spend goes directly to your bottom line.

Enable strategic purchasing initiatives to save even more

You will also have much better visibility into your spending and where the money is going.  If you’re like most of our customers, after using SpendMap for a little while, you’ll have much better information at your fingertips to negotiate better pricing with your suppliers and implement other strategic purchasing initiatives to lower the prices you are paying for the goods and services you need to keep your business running.


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