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For as little as $100/month, you can enjoy our SaaS version in the Cloud with the free Purchasing, Receiving and Email Integration Modules;

  • No software to install or maintain

  • Access from anywhere with an Internet connection

  • We do daily backups for you to protect your data

  • We’ll install new version upgrades for you

  • We get to enjoy a closer relationship and provide you with even better support services 🙂

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No Budget?  No Problem!

Boss too cheap to spring for some new Purchasing Software?
No problem, we have you covered.

Just go back to your Login Page for your Free Cloud Trial and use the button on the right-hand side to download your free Windows/desktop version, including all your data/history.

But please don’t try to use it over the Internet or a slow Wide Area Network (WAN), as the free Windows/desktop version isn’t suitable for that.  Please see Network Installation Instructions in the Getting Started Documentation for more details.

And don’t forget to backup your system, please.  Pretty please!  See Backup and Restore Procedures in the Getting Started Documentation for instructions.


Still undecided?  Here’s a breakdown of our Free vs. Paid version to help you choose…


 Free VersionPaid/Commercial Version
Typical UsersSmall businesses (usually)Midsize and larger organizations (usually)
Software TechnologyWindows/Desktop Application

• Software installed on each PC workstation.

• Can be installed on your Local Area Network (LAN) for multi-user access but not suitable for Wide Area Networks or remote access via the Internet.
Browser-based / web-based

• Runs in a web browser (nothing to install on each PC), so much easier to deploy to a large number of users.

• "Thin Client" can be used over Wide Area Networks or the Internet.

• Can be installed on your own web server (On-Premise) or we can host the system for you in the Cloud (On-Demand/SaaS).

Learn more here.
PricingTotally free. Really!

Learn more here.
Pricing is based on the required modules and the number of users.

Please use the form at the top of this page or contact our Sales Department to receive a quote based on your specific needs.
Available ModulesMain/Purchasing Module, including...
· Purchase Order Processing
· PO Status Tracking and Expediting
· Supplier Performance
· Budget Controls
· Reporting
· Integration, Configuration and Security Tools
· Graphical Forms with logo and electronic signatures

Receiving Module
E-mail Integration Module
All modules
Evaluation ProcessThe Free Version is set up so that small companies (who tend to have fairly simple requirements for a Purchasing System) can do their own "self-evaluation" to determine if the system meets their needs.

Please see “Evaluating SpendMap For Use In Your Company” in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the free software.
Bigger companies tend to have more complex needs, which makes a self-evaluation impractical and time-consuming.

Please feel free to engage our team, who can work with you to understand your needs and goals and then present the solution to you.
Implementation ProcessDo-It-Yourself (DIY) implementation.

We provide lots of great (and free!) resources to help, including a detailed Online Help system, Video Tutorials, as well as free Web-based support.

If you're ready to start implementing the free version of SpendMap, please see “Time to Implement” in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the free software.
Our larger customers (with more complex needs) get to work directly with our Client Services Group to implement the system faster, with less trial and error.

• Priority phone and web-based technical support
• Web-based and on-site training
• Implementation consulting
• Custom programming for your unique needs

Learn more here.

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