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One-time/perpetual licensing also available for On-Premise systems – please call for details.

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Just download a copy of our free Windows/desktop version.  But please don’t try to use it over the Internet or a slow Wide Area Network (WAN), as the free Windows/desktop version isn’t suitable for that.  Please see Network Installation Instructions in the Getting Started Documentation for more details.

And please don’t forget to backup your system.  Unlike our SaaS/Cloud version, when you install the software on your own PC or server, that sort of thing falls to you.  Please see Backup and Restore Procedures in the Getting Started Documentation for instructions.


Still undecided?  Here’s some more info about our Free vs. Paid version to help you decide…


Comparing the Free and Paid Versions of SpendMap

 Free VersionPaid/Commercial Version
PricingTotally free. Really!

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To start your subscription or if you have questions, please use the form at the top of this page or contact us here.

One-time/perpetual licensing also available for On-Premise systems - please call for details.

Included Modules
Purchase Orders and more...

Purchasing Module (Purchase Orders)
Receiving Module
E-mail Integration Module
All modules, including...

Purchasing Module (Purchase Orders)
Requisitions and Approvals
Invoice Approval
Request For Quotation (RFQ)
Inventory Control
Asset Management
E-mail Integration
PunchOut (e-commerce integration)
Barcode Integration
Software TechnologyWindows/Desktop Application

• Software installed on each PC workstation.

• Can be installed on your Local Area Network (LAN) for multi-user access but not suitable for Wide Area Networks or remote access via the Internet.

• Customer applies updates and performs backups.
Browser-based / web-based

• Log in using your web browser - no software installation on each PC.

• Anywhere access - can be used over the Internet or a Wide Area Network.

• Mobile (smartphone, tablet) support for Requisition entry, approvals, receiving and more.

• Apple Mac support.

Learn more here.
Evaluation ProcessDIY Evaluation

The Free Version is simple enough that smaller companies can do their own "self-evaluation" to see if the free version meets their needs.

Please see “Evaluating SpendMap For Use In Your Company” in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the free software.
Assisted Evaluation

If your needs expand beyond the Free Version, please contact us.

We offer a variety of demos and other resources to assist with your team's evaluation of SpendMap.

No charge, of course.
Implementation ProcessDIY Implementation

We provide lots of free resources to help, including a detailed Online Help system, Video Tutorials, as well as free Web-based support.

If you're ready to start implementing the free version of SpendMap, please see “Time to Implement” in the Getting Started Documentation that comes with the free software.
Assisted Implementation

Subscribe to SpendMap and enjoy a full range of professional services, including;

• Phone and web-based technical support
• Web-based and on-site training
• Implementation consulting
• Custom programming for your unique needs

With in-house Programmers, Trainers and Technical Support Specialists, SpendMap is a one-stop-shop for anything you might need during your journey. We want to see you arrive at your destination so we never sub-contract our implementation services, ever.

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