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Summer 2010 Release: Helping More Than Just Purchasing Managers

June 1, 2010 – SpendMap, a leading provider of cost effective software solutions for companies that are trying to streamline their procurement processes and better control their spending, today announced pre-shipping of its Summer 2010 release.

The Summer 2010 release includes over 30 new capabilities based on client input, many of which are designed to make life easier for the people who interact with the Purchasing Department but do not work directly in Procurement.

“SpendMap already does more for Purchasing Agents, Purchasing Managers, CPOs and other “core” e-Procurement users than anything else in this category and now, by helping the people that they work with, we are indirectly making life even easier for the folks in Purchasing”, said Darin Portnoff, VP Sales and Marketing of SpendMap.

Some of the new capabilities include an enhanced Invoice Approval Module to streamline processes in Accounts Payable, a new Vendor Portal to simplify interaction with vendors and a new online Bulletin Board to easily distribute training materials, procurement policies and other announcements to end-users.

“As they work to control their organizations’ spending, our clients in Procurement are constantly interacting with other groups of people like vendors, requisitioners, managers and their colleagues in Accounts Payable”, says Mr. Portnoff. “A true e-procurement solution has to streamline tasks for all of these stakeholders if it is going to fully control spending, reduce administrative effort and cut costs”.

The Summer 2010 release is now pre-shipping to select clients and will start mass shipping later this summer.


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SpendMap is a leading supplier of cost-effective software solutions for midsize and smaller companies that need to streamline their procurement processes and better control their spending. For 20 years, SpendMap has been helping customers improve their purchasing, payables and materials management processes to slash paperwork, control spending and cut costs. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-506-3366.

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