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Summer 2011 Release: Less is More

July 26, 2011 – With SpendMap’s Summer 2011 Release, you get less than ever before (less mouse clicks, screens, prompts and menus that is).

Time and time again, our customers tell us that SpendMap is easy to use but it seems that people have even less time these days for software training or to read manuals.

So this year we have been focusing our development efforts on making the system even faster and easier to use. Some 400 improvements later, we arrived at this summer’s release.

On their own, many of the changes aren’t anything to write home about but, added together, result in an even more intuitive system that will save time for experienced users while shortening the learning curve for new users as well.

Some of the main differences in the Summer 2011 Release include…

  • The menus have been reorganized and consolidated to make navigating the system more intuitive and consistent from module to module
  • We’ve added a handy User Task List where you can see all of your pending documents/transactions on one screen, without having to visit each Work Area separately. So in one place you can see everything that you’re working on, including your pending POs, Requisitions that need your approval, Invoices that you’re approving, etc.
  • We’ve consolidated and reduced the number of screens in key areas, such as PO, Requisition and RFQ entry that were reduced from 3 screens down to 2.
  • We’ve consolidated and reduced the number of pop-up prompts.
  • To help you get around in the new system, we’ve developed a new HTML-based On-Line Help System, with fresh content for each utility, report and screen.

With the Summer 2011 Release, SpendMap is faster and easier to use than ever before, while providing the advanced tools that our 500+ customers have come to rely on to manage their procure-to-pay processes.

The Summer 2011 release is now pre-shipping to select clients and will start mass shipping later this summer.


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