Supplier Integration

SpendMap offers a number of options for exchanging electronic documents and data with your suppliers to reduce manual data entry and related errors, eliminate paperwork and shorten order cycle times.


E-Mail Module

Allows you to e-mail documents and reports to your suppliers.  Learn more…


PunchOut Module

Used to connect SpendMap to your suppliers’ e-commerce web sites to share item catalog content and Purchase Order data over the Internet. You can essentially shop on your suppliers’ e-commerce web sites, select items from their on-line catalogs and submit Purchase Orders electronically, all from within SpendMap.  Learn more…


Supplier Portal

The supplier portal is a web-based application that allows your suppliers to access a protected area of SpendMap to review and submit information, including the ability to respond to RFQs and enter their pricing bids/quotes, update their corporate information, manage user accounts and passwords, etc.


Integration Tools (Data Interfaces)

The Main Module includes a powerful integration tool that allows you to import item catalogs and other data provided by your suppliers in various formats (XLS, CSV, TXT, etc.).

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