SpendMap Testimonials

The ease of use, extensive functionality and superior support allows us to schedule our Purchase Orders, track the process and analyze our commitments which allows us to set the mark of a superior organization to our vendors. SpendMap allows us to blend into our other accounting systems, making it a valuable player to our company.

Karl Wighaman, Network Manager

Very impressive software that is customizable…the system allowed me to become a ‘super user’ in no time at all.  Customer service is seriously like no other company I’ve dealt with before. They take customer satisfaction to a whole new level!

Landon Roe, Senior Accountant

Now I see everything. We have eliminated unauthorized spending which translates to immediate, bottom-line cost savings for our company.

EJ Gilmore, Purchasing Manager

Great product!  Love how I am able to keep track of the requisitions that our employees make.  We are finally able to see how much each department spends and how.  SpendMap has made my purchasing a breeze and the employees say that it is as easy as ordering online.  Thank you.

Maricela Partida, Buyer

As a startup organization, we needed a tool that would provide a solid foundation for procurement principles and process as well as all of the appropriate controls to address our internal ISO certification requirements.  SpendMap has met and exceeded our expectations in every area.  From initial implementation, training, application performance and on-going support.  I highly recommend the organization and product.

Jason Hough, Controller

I have been a customer for many years and you guys have always been there for us. I have had nothing but great service from all the employees at SpendMap that I have worked with.

R Steven Holmes, IT Application Specialist

The numbers are in for last year. Because of SpendMap, we were under budget…by approximately $30,000! For the past 5 years, we were over budget every year, by significant amounts. Just wanted to share the great news with you.

Eric Jeffers, Purchasing

Your customer service is exceptional. I look forward to a long, enjoyable relationship with SpendMap.

Jeff Johnson, Manager - New Technologies

Before SpendMap, my company did everything manually through Excel. I cannot tell you how happy we are with the program. Before SpendMap we cut about 400 PO’s a year. In other words, not many purchases had PO’s. Last year (our first full year) we cut over 1600! It has been a wonderful product for us!

Dawn Gustafson, Facilities Manager

We needed easy-to-use, web-based requisitioning and online approvals backed by a solid database platform to enable our buyers to efficiently manage the procurement process.  We are pleased that we chose SpendMap as the affordable solution to our requisitioning and purchasing challenges.

Bob Gilmore, IT Director

SpendMap is a great system and we have found that it has cut back on our administration significantly.

Melanie Ducholke, Purchasing Supervisor

We have integrated SpendMap with our accounting system, painlessly and with complete success. The man-hours saved in Accounting just by avoiding duplication will pay for the software within about a year.

John S. Barlow, Global Manager - Technical Services

We recently underwent three extremely complicated audits: IRS, Shareholder, and ISO9001 Certification. The system was one of the most important control tools overseeing the procurement and payables departments.

Tamiko Casteel, Purchasing Manager

SpendMap saved us a lot of time and guesswork.  Having someone with so much procurement knowledge look at our current processes from the outside helped us to identify many opportunities for improvement.  We were then able to clearly see where we had to focus our effort to improve things.

Shawn Galligan, Purchasing Agent

We have found SpendMap to be an outstanding product, complemented by a first-class support group.

John S. Barlow

I do firmly believe that you are the best software company I’ve ever dealt with…and so is your support team.

Francesca Curran, System Specialist

SpendMap immediately stood out because of the way they tackled the problem. They understand the complexity and process of procurement at a deeper level than most.

Louis Titano, Purchasing Director

Anyone that is considering an investment in a new e-procurement system should take a good, hard look at SpendMap.

EJ Gilmore, Purchasing Manager

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