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Version 11 Now Shipping with Bonus Feature

September 15, 2010 – SpendMap, a leading provider of cost effective software solutions for companies that are trying to streamline their procurement processes and better control their spending, today announced full availability of the Summer 2010 release (v11).

“We’ve received fantastic feedback from the early adopters on this release, most notably on the enhanced Invoice Approval Module”, said Darin Portnoff, VP Sales and Marketing of SpendMap, “Our customers that are responsible for invoice approval really appreciate how streamlined the process is now that everything can be done from a single screen”.

Bonus Feature: No-Touch POs

On top of the 30+ new capabilities previously announced, Version 11 now also includes a new “No Touch Purchase Order” feature. Purchase Orders that are built from Requisitions can now (optionally) be sent to suppliers electronically, as soon as the orders are approved. Any orders with missing information or that do not pass business rules will be added to the buyer’s queue and they will receive an automatic e-mail notification.

“As they work to control their organizations’ spending, our customers that work in Procurement are faced with increasing workloads and less time to accomplish important tasks”, says Mr. Portnoff. “I expect that the No Touch PO feature will be a big hit with busy Procurement Professionals as it will allow them to manage by exception and only look at orders that require their attention”.


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SpendMap is a leading supplier of cost-effective software solutions for midsize and smaller companies that need to streamline their procurement processes and better control their spending. For 20 years, SpendMap has been helping customers improve their purchasing, payables and materials management processes to slash paperwork, control spending and cut costs. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-506-3366.

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