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Version 14.8 is here, with more than 30 new features!

July 2020 – The 2020 version of SpendMap is here, with more than 30 new features and capabilities to help you save time, improve visibility and cut costs in your Purchasing process.

Some of the new features include:

  • New Import/Export Utility.  We’ve completely redesigned the Import/Export Utility to make it even faster and easier to get information in and out of SpendMap.
  • Updated Status and Inquiry Utilities.  We overhauled the Status and Inquiry utilities to make it even easier for you to keep track of your Purchase Orders, Requisitions, RFQs and other documents and transactions in real time.
  • Mass-Update Fields on POs and other Documents.  When creating new Purchase Orders, Requisitions, RFQs and other documents, you can now mass-update fields on all line items on the document at once, rather than changing one line item at a time.  For example, you may have completed a 10-item PO and then need to update the delivery date or account coding on all 10 items.
  • New Rejected Requisition Work Area.  We’ve added a new Work Area to more easily manage your Requisitions that were rejected during the approval process.
  • Consolidated Requisition Status Utility.  The View Requisition Status Utility has been consolidated such that you can now view all types of Requisitions on the same screen, including Purchase Requisitions, Item/Stock Requisitions, Expense Reimbursement Requisitions, as well as archived/closed Requisitions in the Closed Req Log.
  • More Requisition Approval Workflow Options.  In addition to the previously available fields/criteria to route requisitions for online approval based on individual Master File codes (e.g. based on the user, department, supplier, etc.), you can now create requisition approval/workflow rules based on “groups” of master file codes.  For example, you can make approval rules based on item category/commodity, supplier category/classification, groups of departments (i.e. divisions), and so on.
  • Many more new features!

Version 14.8 is now available to paying customers using the Pro Version of SpendMap.  We will be updating the Free Version of SpendMap soon.


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