About the web-based version of SpendMap

SpendMap On-Demand

SpendMap On-Demand is our SaaS version, for customers that prefer to have their Purchasing System running in the Cloud. With no hardware to buy, no software to install and affordable monthly subscriptions, SpendMap On-Demand eliminates the up-front investment typically associated with e-procurement software.

SpendMap On-Premise

SpendMap On-Premise is for customers that prefer to have their system installed on their own servers. This 100% browser-based software solution is very easy to deploy and with affordable, one-time perpetual licensing, SpendMap On-Premise provides outstanding long-term value and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Fast and Easy to Deploy

With the web-based version of SpendMap, there is no need to install and maintain software on each PC workstation.

Just use your web-browser to access the system from anywhere.

A must if you have lots of users.


Remote Locations and Mobile Users

Unlike the desktop application that is designed for fast Local Area Networks (LANs), the “thin client” web-based version can be used over slower Wide Area Networks or the Internet, making it ideal for companies with remote locations.

Mobile users can also access the system on their SmartPhones and tablets to enter new Requisitions, approve orders, receive items, and perform many other functions while out of the office.


Powerful SQL Database

The web-based version supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase Advantage databases.

These SQL databases provide better performance than the embedded (built-in) database that comes with the free desktop application, which is something to consider as the number of concurrent users increases.

Note: If you don’t want to buy SQL licenses, the web-based version does also support the free embedded database but we don’t recommend the embedded database for more than five or so simultaneous/concurrent users.


Apple Mac Support

Unlike the free desktop application that only runs on Windows, the web-based version also supports Macs.

Upgrading is Easy

It’s a seamless upgrade from the Free Version, with no loss of data.  Everything will be brought forward automatically, including your master files, settings, POs and other transactions, etc.


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