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Inventory Software Modules

The Materials Management Suite includes two modules that can be used individually or together to manage your consumable inventory and fixed asset inventory.

Other Modules

Inventory Control Asset Management

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control Module is used to manage a “consumable” inventory such as office supplies, medical supplies, parts for maintenance and so on.

With perpetual inventory levels and powerful forecasting tools at your fingertips, you can eliminate stock-outs and expensive rush orders, reduce inventory levels and associated carrying costs, and simplify the reordering process.

The Inventory Module also improves inventory status visibility and reporting. Popular reports include the Inventory Reorder Report, the Inventory Valuation Report, and the Excess Inventory Report, to name a few.  You can also display various inventory KPIs on SpendMap’s Executive Dashboard.



  • Integrated Barcode Module reduces data entry and simplifies inventory transactions like usages and inventory counts.
  • Perpetual inventory levels are updated instantly when items are received or taken out of stock, so you always know what’s in your inventory.
  • Automatically charge the value of inventory usages to your budgets.
  • Reorder Report shows items that are low in stock and you can automatically build Purchase Orders, Requisitions or RFQs for items that need to be replenished.
  • Inventory valuation based on first-in-first-out (FIFO), Standard or Average value.
  • Multiple inventory locations with stock visibility and reporting by location.


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Asset Management

The Asset Management Module is used to control a fixed asset inventory such as computers, furniture, equipment, vehicles and so on.

The Asset Management Module simplifies the asset tracking process and improves the accuracy of asset reporting.

The benefits to your organization of maintaining accurate asset information are extensive. In addition to the ability to quickly locate and value your assets, the Asset Management Module can help you comply with government regulations, meet audit requirements, prepare insurance claims and so on.



  • Detailed asset information at your fingertips, with reporting by asset category, status, location, etc.
  • Asset records are updated automatically with Purchase Order and receipt information.
  • Integrated Barcode Module simplifies asset counts.
  • Warranty tracking.
  • Service history tracking.
  • Asset depreciation and valuation reporting including straight-line and declining-balance valuation methods.
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Work Orders


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