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2021: A Year in Review

It was another tough year for many businesses trying to control their spending and save money in these uncertain times but SpendMap did its part to help.

We worked with thousands of organizations around the world to help them evaluate and implement the Free and Paid/Pro Versions of SpendMap to automate and simplify their Purchasing processes and save time and money.

Based on feedback from our customers who had a lot on their plates this year, we decided to forgo a new release of SpendMap and instead focused on building out our internal systems and infrastructure.  Most notably, we completed our move to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, for even better performance, reliability and security.

We also completed our Windows 11 development and testing, which will be patched into the current release of SpendMap (version 14.84) as well as the upcoming v15, along with a dozen or so other new features.

Finally, we’ve also been working on some exciting changes to the Free Version of SpendMap for later this year.  Don’t forget to follow the Free-Procurement Project blog for the official announcement when the time comes.

Thanks for your support in 2021!  Moving into 2022, we’re excited that things seem to be getting back to normal and we can’t wait to help even more people automate and simplify their Purchasing processes.

– Your friends at SpendMap

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