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Feature Preview – New Rejected Requisition Work Area

We’ve added a new Work Area in the next release of SpendMap to help you manage your Requisitions that were rejected during the approval process.

Unlike previous versions of SpendMap which offered separate utilities/tools to modify, cancel or remove line items from rejected requisitions, with the new Rejected Requisition Work Area you can do everything in one place.

Getting to your Rejected Requisition Work Area

Just use the following menu option or toolbar button or you can get to the new Work Area by way of the Task List hyperlink.  If you receive Email Notifications when your requisitions are rejected, there will also be a hyperlink in the email to bring you right into the new Work Area…

Summary Screen

The Rejected Requisition Summary Screen lists all types of requisitions that may have been rejected, including a summary of approved, rejected and pending items…

Just click through a requisition to see the details.

Your Options in the Rejected Requisition Work Area

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to manage your rejected requisitions.  Note that the old/separate utilities are still available if you prefer using them…

Cancel Entire Requisition

Tired of the whole thing?  Just click the [Cancel Entire Requisition] button.  If you prefer, you can still use the old “Cancel Entire Requisition” utility.

Cancel Certain Lines

You can remove just the rejected line items from the requisition and allow the remaining items to move forward through the approval process.  Just use [Delete Item], which is the same as the old “Cancel Selected Lines” utility.

Make Changes to the Requisition

Click [Modify Requisition] to make changes to the requisition and resubmit for approval.  This is an alternative to cancelling the requisition and reloading it back into your New Requisition Work Area.  Any items that you modify will start the approval process over again but any items that you leave alone will not be affected.


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